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xD its me again. and as you can see our community has grown considerably in the past six hours! so i think it's fair enough now that we friends-lock all of our downloads =D is that alright with you all?

ALSO! If anyone would like to make a spiffy version of our layout feel free to email me with a preview x3 The only requirement is that you keep the picture of the official naruto store in japan okies?

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[Data Books] + [Artbook]

I uploaded the first databook a while ago to MegaUpload, and have now mirrored it on YSI for the community. Both data books and the artbook are here. These aren't officially sanctioned in the rules, but I figure it's all in the same group. Hope you like.

[ First Official Character Data Book RAW | YSI ]
[ First Official Character Data Book RAW | Megaupload ]
[ First Official Character Data Book RAW | MangaHelpers.com ]

Second Official Character Data Book RAW (Shannaro) | YSI ]
[ Second Official Character Data Book RAW (Shannaro) | MegaUpload ]
[ Second Official Character Data Book RAW (Shannaro) | MangaHelpers.com ]

[ Uzumaki Artbook (Neutral) | YSI ]

Credits: Data Books originally scanned by Chocobo at the NarutoFan Forums. Both are raws, as neither has been scanlated yet. The second Data Book was cleaned by the Shannaro team. The Artbook was scanned by Neutral, and doesn't really need a translation because it's just... art.

Edit #1: Added Megaupload mirror to the Second Databook.
Edit #2: Added MangaHelpers.com links/mirrors to both Databooks. You may need to register to download there.
Edit #3: MangaHelpers.com changed their download location so x'ed the links.

If you comment when you download, it'll make me want to upload more stuff. <3

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if you didnt see, chapter 291 entry is here: http://community.livejournal.com/naruto_download/718.html#comments

Welcome welcome! Hitomi, you're admin here.

Things seem to be going pretty well, considering that the community has only been up for a few hours. We already have over 20 members! (yatta!)

Anyways, a few things if you wouldn't mind. First of all, if we don't have people who mirror, the community won't last long. =( I'm hoping it will get relatively longer so we will need mirror-ers.
If things continue going postively, when we hit about 50 or so users, I will appoint a mod. (There will be a later post about this =o)

Commenting; Obviously it's not requried. But wouldn't it be lovely if we could discuss the chapters? So feel free to splurge your thoughts on the most recent chapters~ <33.

And most important. Before you join, PLEASE READ THE RULES! =X

Thank you all muchly. 8D <33


ah! one more thing... i will be making a naruto!crack community, mostly based on guglismach!sasuke. Would anyone be interested in joining? =3

bye bye. =)
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First Manga Post! Please Join <3

And to start things off, here is the long awaited Chapter 291! Translated by Knives.

YSI: http://s64.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3IPT113989KEF0GV6OC6C0TBEA

and of course, RAW format. (grah its only 15 pages though.) ((from www.manga-helpers.com))

YSI: http://s64.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=13XL2N62EWJLW2X42PDU5PKBZ6

also, because I was able to locate it; the Chinese version by JoJo. =3

YSI: http://s64.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=159IPLWIFRGOQ1RUAPZ1MYHRZR

Hope this helped you all! ^_~ It set us up for an awesome next chatper.

Feel free to mirror!