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Haruka Kanata!

naruto downloads.

Naruto downloads and fandom!
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NOTE: If you guys don't help mirror the links will perish and others won't be able to download! D=

Can't find the most recent chapter/episode of Naruto? As soon as we have it; we shall mirror the download for you!

What will you find here? (Sooner or later ^^;)
xX Manga
xX Anime
xX Doujinshi
xX Fanart
xX Fanfiction.


x Please join if you're going to download. I'm not going to friends-lock it for a few weeks.

x Feel free to mirror/host your most recent manga/doujinshi/episodes, but as of Febuary 10th, make it friends locked.

x Be nice! We all love politeness.

x If you do host something, be sure to credit the translator/website.

o0o Also you download the chapter/episode/fandom, it would be nice (not required) if you left a little comment or something n_n
x Once again - I cannot stress: mirror! love to you all.

Host Websites:


Special Thanks to chuunin

Have any questions/problems? Please contact my alias tomato_uchiha or email me.